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Water Removal Services in Indian Village

3/20/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Water Removal Services in Indian Village Clogged rain gutters can cause flood damage in your home.

Professional Water Removal for Flooded Homes

Plumbing problems such as broken pipes, overflowing septic systems, and leaks are one of the leading causes of flooding in Indian Village homes. If a water pipe breaks while you are away, your house could sustain extensive water damage. Drainage problems (whether from a clogged floor drain or a clogged rain gutter) can also cause massive flooding when the trapped water backs up and rises high enough to overflow into the house.

If unfortunately, you come home to a flooded house, SERVPRO has a team of highly trained technicians in Indian Village who can provide complete water removal services. We work together following IICRC guidelines to reverse any water damage sustained, extract the water, and then dry your property to pre loss conditions. Our catalog also includes repairing and rebuilding broken or ruined structural components.

Before we can begin the water removal process, we have to scope the area to determine the extent to which the water has migrated throughout the structure. SERVPRO technicians also use moisture detection devices to verify that the area has been dried properly. We have moisture sensors for detecting moisture in walls, carpets, and baseboards, as well moisture meters for determining the actual moisture content in different materials. The moisture tester, on the other hand, provides specific moisture readings that allow us to monitor the drying process.

Thermo-hygrometers are also highly effective in the water removal process, as they help us measure both relative humidity and temperature. By using these two readings alongside a psychrometric chart, SERVPRO professionals can be able to calculate vapor pressure, dew point, and specific humidity in your home.

Extraction is the best way to remove moisture from a structure. A quick and efficient water removal process is important to allow the environment to dry much faster. SERVPRO water damage experts use extractors in cleaning carpets and upholstery, as well as in removing standing water from the floors. Extractors can be portable or truck-mounted, but the former is more efficient at accessing inside structures.

Water leakage in the house can lead to flooding and, consequently, all sorts of water damage. If you need quick water removal services today, SERVPRO of Lafayette is more than ready to assist. We have a stock of industry-standard equipment for any emergency, all at your disposal. For any help, call us anytime at (765) 420-0077.

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If You Require Water Cleanup Services In Indian Village, Our Crew Is Here To Help!

3/14/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO If You Require Water Cleanup Services In Indian Village, Our Crew Is Here To Help! In case you need to clean up your property in Lafayette, Battle Ground or Dayton areas after water loss, call SERVPRO of Lafayette.

Why Involve SERVPRO During Water Cleanup In Indian Village

When water from burst pipes or broken appliances leaks, it can cause severe damages including mold development, rot, and rust among others. Even when such spillage is caught in time, thorough cleanup in the affected areas is necessary to deal with any soiling, odor and other problems that develop after such incidents. We offer professional cleanup services in Indiana that rely on our advanced skills.

One of the critical aspects of proper water cleanup in Indian Village is neatness. Water migrates to different areas in the house, and in a bid to remove it, the restoration team might need to move contents around the rooms. All items should revert to their original places after the cleanup process is over. Our SERVPRO technicians rely on their skills and vast experience to move items conveniently then place them in their original position later, leaving your place looking neat.

Depending on the water source and the location of the spill, water soils property in different ways. Dirty sources such as broken appliances soil the affected areas with detergents, food remains and other debris. Broken pipes, on the other hand, can soil affected areas with dust collected from the ceiling and wall cavities or paint chippings that come off surfaces as the water flows. Some procedures such as drilling weep holes also contribute to the debris left. Our SERVPRO technicians use cleaning agents and tools such as brushes or automatic multi-surface scrubbers to remove all debris from surfaces.

One of the toughest aspects of the cleanup process is removing all water. Pooling water is manageable with buckets, mops and water extractors. However, the water that soaks into materials can be harder to remove. Our SERVPRO technicians remove it effectively through evaporation. We use air movers to increase the average levels of evaporation and then use dehumidifiers to extract the moisture from the air. We also use specialized equipment such as drying mats and injectidry systems especially for materials such as tiles or hardwood floors, which are hard to penetrate.

In case you need to clean up your property in Lafayette, Battle Ground or Dayton areas after water loss, call SERVPRO of Lafayette. You can reach us at (765) 420-0077 any time. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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We Are Growing & Hiring

3/13/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO We Are Growing & Hiring SERVPRO of Lafayette is Hiring

Are you tired of your current job?

We Are Growing & Hiring Production Technicians, a Marketing representative & an Office Manager

SERVPRO is a customer service company.

The bulk of our work is focused around helping people and businesses whose homes and businesses have been affected by damage due to water, fire and mold. We also provide standard cleaning services like duct cleaning and carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

Our Purpose
To become Greater Lafayette’s most trusted partner in commercial and residential restoration and cleaning services.

We are looking for people who are interested in developing a career helping members of the community when they need us the most. Communication, Integrity, Professionalism, Respect and positivity is what you will need to bring to the table. We will provide you with the training that has kept SERVPRO as the leader in our industry for the past 15 years.

• Daily field operations. Duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, water damage, fire damage
• Prior experience in the industry is a benefit but not required for consideration.

• Daily routes, Social Media, Community Events
• 2 years of prior marketing and sales experience

• Customer service, accounting, inventory, office administration, human resources
• 2 years of prior consistent office management required.

Please call our office today to begin the interview process. (765) 420-0077

We Understand That You Need To Get Back To Business Quickly After A Lafayette Flood

3/11/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial We Understand That You Need To Get Back To Business Quickly After A Lafayette Flood When your business needs restoration we are available 24/7 to help. We have equipment that can handle any job big or small so call us right away.

Mitigation of Commercial Flood Damage in Truck Stops and Diners in West Lafayette

Keeping your doors open after a flood or other area-wide disaster means staying ahead of the competition and building a better image in the eyes of your customers. When your business effects those beyond the local Lafayette area, this ability becomes even more crucial.

Truck stops and roadside diners in the Lafayette area fulfill the needs of those traveling through our area, but commercial flood damage can bring this to a screeching halt. Trucks carrying goods to other areas of the country rely on your facility for both the drivers' needs and the maintenance of the trucks themselves. Families traveling through rely on your diner for a secure place to sit and eat a meal where their children can stretch their legs safely.

When your business falters, those relying on you must travel farther to reach another place, causing your profits to sink. SERVPRO understands the business needs in our area and intends to do everything possible to help you recover quickly and thoroughly after flood damage in Lafayette causes you grief.

Once our large capacity pumps remove the lingering water from your floors, we start the cleanup phase. We want to ensure that your shop's area, the diner, and other areas revert to their previous state, just “Like it never even happened.” While some of your merchandise on lower shelves may have come into contact with floodwaters, the majority can often get cleaned up and reorganized, allowing you to still offer these items for sale. Wherever inventory losses occur, we mark these items on individual sheets that you can submit with your insurance claims.

Cleaning floors, booths, other furniture, and the kitchen means you can soon have your doors open to the public again and fully operational to meet their needs. We can help you pass inspection faster with our comprehensive services. Our skilled specialists know what to look for when assessing the flood damage caused, and we have the skills and equipment necessary to get everything restored as quickly as possible.

Call SERVPRO of Lafayette at (765) 420-0077 to get the IICRC-certified specialists you need. We are Faster To Any Size Disaster, and we work quickly, too.

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Don't Let Fire Damage in Your Lafayette Home Take Over Your Life

3/10/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Don't Let Fire Damage in Your Lafayette Home Take Over Your Life Your Lafayette home inundated by fire damage? Call SERVPRO to quickly and safely fix any issues.

Our Fire Damage Mitigation Specialists Use Removal Methods that Safely Restore Homes in Lafayette

Cleaning and restoring a Lafayette home to undo the damage caused by a disaster often requires specialists with extensive training and powerful equipment at their disposal. When a large section of a home becomes ruined, restoration work requires more than cleaning, and SERVPRO knows how to perform the needed work while keeping costs as low as possible.
Homeowners can rely on us to mitigate disasters including extensive fire damage in Lafayette with efficient methods up to the removal of the materials destroyed by heat and fire. Both structures and furnishings suffer during a fire to different degrees. Although we work to save as much as possible, removing the debris and ruination helps speed up the restoration of your house.
Along with these items pulled out and removed from the premises, we eliminate many safety hazards, also. Carpeting can pose tripping hazards wherever water from firefighters caused bulky, raised areas to appear. Carpet tacks also pose significant risks to anyone working in the area. Many plastics and other synthetic materials continue to off-gas toxic fumes. The steam saturating the air can cause metal fixtures to rust, leaving ponce-smooth surfaces jagged, rough, and able to cut skin.
Removing these and other kinds of risks makes the damaged area safer to work in and also makes room for our mitigation and restoration equipment. Some of this equipment helps us remove the excess water that can quickly cause both water damage and mold infestations after a fire. Getting your house dry again prevents these secondary effects from ruining our work.
Everything needs to occur methodically to achieve the results we want. Rapidly making your property safe, livable, “Like it never even happened.” means life can get back to normal. While the work starts with a horrible-looking mess, the result of our work pleasantly surprises our customers.
SERVPRO of Lafayette works in the areas around Dayton, Wyandot, and Ash Grove. Call us when you want restoration professionals who clean, remove spent water, and restore properties after fire damage. Our 24-hour emergency service line is (765) 420-0077.

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If Your Battle Ground Property Suffers A Plumbing Leak The Team At SERVPRO Can Help!

2/13/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage If Your Battle Ground Property Suffers A Plumbing Leak The Team At SERVPRO Can Help! Call (765) 420-0077 24 hours a day and one of our certified technicians will begin the process of restoring your property to pre-damage condition.

Fast Water Cleanup From Vanity Plumbing Leak In Battle Ground

One of the critical parts of a water cleanup is that it begins as soon as you know there is an issue. Water spreads quickly under flooring, along walls, and through carpet padding so even a small, localized spill can encompass a more extensive area the longer it takes begin cleaning efforts.

A leaking pipe behind a bathroom vanity can present several issues for SERVPRO technicians to solve. The water ran down the wall, at the back of the vanity and there was standing water to remove both inside the wooden vanity as well as the floor. The owner waited until the plumber had repaired the pipe to begin the water removal, so the technicians had to act quickly to contain the water damage in the Battle Ground home.

Since the vanity was backless up against the wall, the technician drilled holes to allow air circulation and faster drying times. Because this was a clean water spill, the technician chose to use in-place drying techniques for the carpet and pad. We use a truck-mounted vacuum to pull water from the carpet and a weighted extraction tool presses down and squeezes water from the pad. The standing water is also completely eliminated with this method so drying can begin.

Industrial air movers and a dehumidifier were used to force air through the drilled holes at the back of the vanity and quickly dry the wood to prevent secondary damage from warping. The carpet and padding were also dried quickly using this method. SERVPRO finished up the bathroom by repairing the drill holes, so there was no trace and a final wipe down with antifungal cleaners to prevent any mold growth from the damp conditions.

Contact SERVPRO of Lafayette to handle your water cleanup. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, from a corner in your bathroom to a whole home flood we can help. Call (765) 420-0077 24 hours a day and one of our certified technicians will begin the process of restoring your property to pre-damage condition.

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If You Think A Mold Infestation Is Growing In Your Dayton Attic Call The Crew At SERVPRO

2/6/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation If You Think A Mold Infestation Is Growing In Your Dayton Attic Call The Crew At SERVPRO From initial inspections to full removal and remediation strategies, you can reach our certified specialists 24/7.

Inspecting For Attic Mold In Your Dayton Home

Sometimes preventative efforts can be as important as restoration or remediation for your Dayton home. Preventing situations like mold growth from occurring often hinge on your knowledge of the problem areas and their conditions throughout the year. While you can inspect many of these areas yourself to save some time and money, areas like your attic can be difficult to access and might require more technical expertise in identifying mold growth than the average homeowner can provide.

Finding mold damage in your Dayton home can be a cause for alarm, but with the right professional remediation services, you can handle the effects quickly and effectively. Attic mold can be particularly challenging due to its location and lack of foot traffic on a regular basis. This situation can often result from moisture penetrating through the roof, which is exasperated even farther by severely cold temperatures and thinner points of insulation for your home. Often homeowners do not know that this colonization has occurred until its effects have moved to the level beneath the attic and into a more widely used area of the house.

Routine inspections of this area are services that our SERVPRO remediation specialists can provide. We have extensive training in identifying mold growth and the type of microbial threat, making us uniquely qualified to identify colonization and take the necessary steps to remove the growth entirely.

If mold gets discovered, containment strategies begin immediately to prevent the spread to new areas of your home. This initial containment process often requires shutting off the air circulation appliances throughout your home for HVAC inspections, and to prevent active mold spores from traveling to new areas while removal efforts get underway. Our SERVPRO professionals have advanced tools and techniques to remove an active colony entirely, and additionally, our skilled team can help to propose preventative measures like sealing off penetration points in the roof and prolonged use of dehumidification equipment.

Attic mold might seem difficult to identify, but our SERVPRO of Lafayette remediation technicians can help. From initial inspections to full removal and remediation strategies, you can reach our certified specialists 24/7 by calling (765) 420-0077.

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When Fire Damage Strikes Your Lafayette Home You Can Count On Our Professionals

1/24/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO When Fire Damage Strikes Your Lafayette Home You Can Count On Our Professionals This Lafayette home’s kitchen caught on fire when grease spilled on the stovetop.

SERVPRO Works Fast to Control and Reverse Fire Damage in West Lafayette

The difference between a fast and a slow reaction to fire damage in your West Lafayette home can result in thousands of dollars saved or lost during the damage restoration process. SERVPRO stays ready on a 24/7 basis to provide you with the kind of fast and comprehensive fire damage mitigation services your home and household deserve. Our strategy of prioritizing speed also extends beyond our initial response and into the restoration procedures we conduct to bring your home back to the state it was in before the disaster.

One of your first actions after your home in West Lafayette sustains fire damage should be to call a professional damage mitigation company like SERVPRO. Within four hours of your first phone call, our technicians arrive on the scene and immediately get to work evaluating the situation and putting measures in place that stop further damage from happening. They also bring personal protective equipment and years of experience, entering potentially hazardous parts of the home so that you do not have to. They take care of any time-sensitive issues and eliminate factors that can cause damage to your home in the near future, such as structural instabilities.

As hours progress into days, our focus shifts away from fire damage prevention to an effort to reverse anything that has already happened. We use industrial-strength cleaning equipment to get this sort of work done as fast as possible, reducing both the time we need to spend in your home and the total expenses associated with the project. Once fire and smoke residues have been removed, we can begin to improve the visual appearance of your home and apply careful restorative techniques designed to mimic the methods used to build your home while also repairing and replacing the visual signs of damage left behind by the fire.

SERVPRO of Lafayette can help you to overcome fire damage in your home with as little time, hassle, and money spent as possible. Call us 24/7 at (765) 420-0077 to request our services or learn more about how we can help.

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Safety Is Crucial During Our Flood Damage Mitigation Process In Your West Lafayette Home

1/9/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Safety Is Crucial During Our Flood Damage Mitigation Process In Your West Lafayette Home Call our 24-hour service line number, and we promise our prompt arrival, as we are always Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Staying Safe Throughout Flood Damage Mitigation in West Lafayette

Having all four seasons in West Lafayette never prevents our area from surprising us with unseasonal weather. Hail is never uncommon, and neither are sudden rainstorms, even in the winter. Days with temperatures over freezing can cause isolated disasters after the skies pour too much rain onto our city.

When your neighborhood's drains cannot keep up with the amount of rain falling, your West Lafayette home could experience flood damage. SERVPRO's technicians can make things right again, “Like it never even happened,” so your family can move forward and forget about the disaster. We handle every step of mitigating the damage caused by invasive, filthy water, so you can relax and not worry about the possible dangers involved in working with contaminated objects.

We know how to not only make your home safe while we work by eliminating immediate dangers but also by wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). Because of the elevated humidity in the house that happens after flooding events, we wear respirator masks to reduce any health effects caused by airborne microbes. This is just as important as our gloves, boots, and protective suits.

As we steadily work toward eliminating the dangers in your home, we also engage in reducing the damage. We clean a significant number of belongings, so they do not become more damaged. We cut away soaked wallboard and set up air movers and desiccant machines. We also run several air scrubbers to rid your house of as many microbes as possible, significantly reducing the risk of mold growth and subsequent damage. When we finish with all of our work, your home should have new carpeting, freshly painted walls, and no trace of the last disaster.

SERVPRO of Lafayette works in Buck Creek, Ash Grove, and Battle Ground, always ready and able to help your family recover quickly after flood damage and other disasters. Call our 24-hour service line number, (765) 420-0077, and we promise our prompt arrival, as we are always Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Lafayette Companies Rely on SERVPRO After a Water Loss to Keep Their Doors Open for Business

1/7/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Lafayette Companies Rely on SERVPRO After a Water Loss to Keep Their Doors Open for Business No Dirty Clothes When SERVPRO Responds Quickly to a Water Removal at a Lafayette Laundromat

Commercial Water Extraction Keeps the Dry Cleaners Open for Business in Lafayette

After a special event in Lafayette, having clothing cleaned at the dry cleaners requires special solvents and cleaning agents to remove soiling from clothing. Water rarely plays a role in such a business except to dilute various foaming agents and other chemicals when needed.
When a storm causes water to flow inside your Lafayette dry cleaning business or a pipe breaks in the washroom, you need to call a competent provider of commercial water extraction services. SERVPRO technicians specialize in working with area businesses, making sure that all of our B2B customers receive the attention needed to get their operations normalized quickly. Caring for the clothing of clients and returning them in a cleaned state is, of course, paramount to this enterprise. We do whatever we can to preserve fabrics from being ruined.
Our water extraction equipment pulls out all of the standing water and eliminates puddles that occur here and there. We use flexible tubes with our Injectidry machines to send warm, dry air into wall cavities, forcing more rapid evaporation and drying to occur. Small holes drilled into either end of wall spaces allows air to pass through these enclosed sections of your business. Behind temporarily removed baseboards is one location that we typically choose to reduce the need for minor repairs later.
Floors need aggressive drying techniques to keep them from suffering permanent damage, also. We implement similar machinery for this, except instead of tubing placed into the structure, we place it into mats that create heat while simultaneously pulling the evaporated moisture out from between the floor's pieces.
Throughout your business, your dry cleaning equipment needs expert attention, as well, to make sure rust never happens and that inside parts continue to work flawlessly for you and your employees. We can help dry off outer parts but prefer to have a specialized repair technician examine anything before anyone powers on these machines. The chance of electrical shocks causing someone harm or the machinery becoming even more damaged are both extremely high after an incident involving water.
Cleaning other surfaces can help make things safer for your staff and your customers. SERVPRO works hard to make our local businesses remain successful after disasters happen. One way we do this is through enrollment in our (ERP) Emergency READY Profile. This is a completely free service from SERVPRO and can help save your business from permanent closure by guiding your or your employees through those critical first few minutes after a disaster and notifying us of the event.
SERVPRO of Lafayette also provides commercial services to other businesses in Indian Village, Colburn, and Ash Grove. Call us at (765) 420-0077 to get immediate assistance with water extraction services when a disaster happens or for assistance in setting up your ERP Program. We are always here, 24/7, year-round, to take your call and answer your questions.

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