SERVPRO of Lafayette Employee Photos

Male employee with brown hair standing in front of a wooden background

Greg Thomas - Owner/Operations Manager

Greg has been a part of the SERVPRO family since 2009, and has been an owner and the operations manager of SERVPRO of Lafayette since they opened in 2014. Greg also has management and leadership experience that goes back over 10 years. He now oversees all production work and day-to-day operations at SERVPRO. Greg holds many certifications including water damage restoration, mold remediation and trauma scene cleanup. Outside of work you can find Greg enjoying some favorite things like largemouth bass fishing, or watching a good science fiction movie. You can call and speak to Greg directly at (765) 420-0077.

Female employee with brown hair standing in front of a green Servpro vehicle

Ashley Palmer - Restoration Supervisor

Ashley is a Restoration Team Supervisor / Estimator at SERVPRO of Lafayette. She has been with us since 2016. She has experience in all areas of production including water, fire, & mold restoration, HVAC, and general cleaning jobs. Ashley has 3 IICRC certifications including  her Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicican (FSRT), water restoration technician (WRT) and Applied Structural Drying (ASD). Ashley has also obtained her Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) accreditation. In her free time you can find Ashly enjoying movie time with her family.

Female employee with brown hair standing in front of a green Servpro vehicle

Misty Gerlach - Marketing Representative

Mistalyn is a Marketing representative at SERVPRO of Lafayette. She has been with us since 2017 and is IICRC fire restoration certified. She spent years in the production department and now educates members of our community at what SERVPRO can do to help them in their time of need. She broadens our footprint and enjoys helping people who need help while working with an amazing team. She enjoys lounging on the couch with rescued dogs and cats. Mistalyn likes playing Mindcraft and New World. She has many hobbies, including crafting, sewing, crocheting, gardening, reading, and spending time with her grandchildren. Mistalyn enjoys all genres of music from the 50's through the 90's, but not so much opera, rap, or heavy metal. Her last meal would be Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings and surrounded by family and friends. Her superpowers would consist of telepathy and teleportation. Mistalyn would love to travel around the USA and has some great advice. Be yourself and always work to be better than you were the day before. Always strive to be kind, honest, trustworthy, loyal, responsible, compassionate, and empathetic. These attributes make Mistalyn a terrific SMR--SERVPRO marketing rep.

Male employee wearing a baseball cap standing in front of a green Servpro vehicle

Anthony Sanchez - Restoration Manager

Anthony Sanchez is the production manager at SERVPRO of Lafayette. We have been blessed to have him join us in August of 2017. "Tony" a Chesterton Native, has 3 IICRC certifications including Water restoration, Applied Structural Drying, & Hazardous Material Restoration.  Tony has plenty of experience with residential and commercial settings. In his off time you can find Tony at the gym, enjoying a good cheeseburger or dreaming of traveling back to Australia.

Female employee with strawberry blonde hair standing in front of a green Servpro vehicle

Samantha Letanosky - Restoration supervisor

Samantha has been a part of SERVPRO since 2018. She has earned a Fire Certification from IICRC and the title of Restoration team supervisor. 

Male employee wearing a baseball cap standing in front of a green Servpro vehicle

Abraham Yacabalquiej - Restoration technician

"Abe" is a production technician that joined the SERVPRO ranks in 2020. He is a native of Guatemala and has been an incredible asset to our production department. In his brief time here Abe has been a part of all of the types of work that SERVPRO does. 

Female employee with blonde hair standing in front of a green Servpro vehicle

Lisa Thomas - Owner / Office Manager

Lisa Thomas is the heart of SERVPRO of Lafayette. Lisa brings 20+ years of customer service and a 30 year lineage of SERVPRO experience to the table.

Lisa's first SERVPRO experience came at the age of 12 when her sister became a franchise owner and taught her the processes for fire restoration on clothing. Lisa has 2 siblings in Illinois that are both tenured SERVPRO owners. Her expereice with SERVPRO ranges from Marketing to Production to the Office.

Lisa has the following IICRC certifications. Water restoration technician, Applied Structural Drying, Fire Smoke  Restoration technician. Adding to her extensive training Lisa is also a certified Lead renovator and possesses an ICRA Accreditation for Infectious Disease Control. 

Young man wearing a baseball cap, standing in front of a Servpro sign

Caleb Parrish - Restoration Supervisor

Caleb has been a Production Crew Chief at SERVPRO of Lafayette since 2021. His goal is to achieve many more certifications than WRT and ASD applied structural drying. He relishes helping people in need and wishes he had super strength to get jobs done quicker. He likes to unwind by spending time with his family and girlfriend, exploring the outdoors, and video gaming. He enjoys listening to Bon Jovi and Luke Combs as he sips on a Coke and eats a Pizza. Caleb dreams of traveling to the Bahamas, having lived in Lafayette, and quotes Tony Sanchez--"Readers are Leaders."

Woman with brown hair standing in front of a Servpro vehicle

Julie Osbon - Dispatch / Receptionist / Accounting / HR

Julie has worn many hats in our SERPVRO of Lafayette office since 2021. From receptionist to dispatcher and accounting to HR human resources, she is the go-to person. Julie loves the family atmosphere and helping people during stressful times. She plans to become more supportive and helpful during the next ten years at SERVPRO. She enjoys relaxing and watching TV and also riding her motorcycle. Reba McEntire, Blake Shelton, and Chris Stapleton rate highly as musical performers. Her last meal--Prime Rib, baked potato, and a Pepsi. Julie, having superpowers, would heal the world of hate while offering respect, compassion, understanding, and love to others. Her best advice--Never go to bed angry!

Young woman with brown hair standing in front of a Servpro vehicle.

Hailey Gardner - Restoration technician

Hailey has been a Restoration Technician at SERVPRO of Lafayette since Feb 2021. She hails from Demotte, IN, and enjoys the constantly changing environment with service calls and always staying busy. She hopes his career path with SERVPRO is lucrative and fulfilling. When at home, Hailey enjoys watching TV, listening to country music, and walking her dog. She likes to wet a line and fish and yearns to visit Tennessee. Her last meal would be cooked and eaten at home--a chicken breast grilled with veggies and a can of Mountain Dew. Hailey believes it is best to "Be confident, not cocky."

Woman with red hair standing in front of a Servpro vehicle

Sara French - Receptionist/Job File Coordinator

Sara has worked in the SERVPRO of Lafayette office as our Job File Coordinator since 2021. She is originally from Willimantic CT and has lived in Lafayette most of her life. She loves her job, the people she works with, and especially our owner/operators who genuinely care about the SERVPRO family. Sara hopes to start the water restoration training and move up with the company. She designs shirts, creates anything with her crochet machine, shopping, and makes ideas come to life with painting. She enjoys concerts, and Jack Johnson, Mac Miller, and a long list of musicians are high on her list. She would love to be able to fly but wishes to skydive before her last meal of Prime Rib, mashed potatoes with butter, cheese, and bacon. And much more! Sara is a great addition to our team with a super attitude. She says you are only in charge of your own happiness and feelings, nobody else’s'. You can't be truly happy with others in your life until you can love yourself and value your self-worth.

Young man with brown hair standing in front of a green servpro vehicle

Clay Risner - Restoration Technician

Clay has been a Production Technician at SERVPRO of Lafayette since 2021. He likes the camaraderie of the team and meeting new people at various work sites. Clay is an excellent water restoration technician who hails from Lafayette. He enjoys a great burger while listening to the Zac Brown Band, dreaming of deep-sea fishing. While sipping on a Pepsi, his favorite drink, Clay wishes he could read minds. He hails from Lafayette, and his advice is, "you got to spend a grand to get a grand."

Young man with blonde hair standing in front of a green Servpro vehicle

George Brinson - Restoration Technician

George is a Navy veteran and training as a water damage restoration technician at SERVPRO of Lafayette. He likes serving people in their time of need and hopes to develop his restoration skill set over the next ten years. George lives in Lafayette and desires to obtain a college degree in Emergency Management or Forensic Science. He likes to unwind away from work with his dog and enjoys playing video games, working out, cooking, and hiking. He listens to Gun N' Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Machine Gun Kelly when he finds the time. His superpowers would teleport him to his vacation destination--Greece. George would drink a beer while enjoying a great meal of steak, red potatoes, asparagus. He feels empathy is one of the greatest traits to have. Welcome aboard, George.