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Your Lafayette Restaurant Plumbing and Water Damage Issues

2/13/2017 (Permalink)

Don't let constant clogs at your restaurant shut your doors. Contact SERVPRO today for prevention tips or to remediate a problem.

SERVPRO Technicians Save You Time and Money After Damage at Your Commercial Property

Sewer and water costs are rising across the country. Picking the right fixtures and equipment for your restaurant, and ensuring they are installed and operating correctly, will improve your bottom line and be kinder to the environment. Restaurateurs do not usually give much thought to plumbing until there’s a problem. In restaurants, any problem with plumbing is typically a big one. Some of the costliest pieces of equipment in your kitchen need drainage or a water supply, not to mention how important it is to have quality plumbing service for your restrooms. Therefore, it will serve you well to know a bit about the plumbing system in your restaurant and how to care for it.
Smart plumbing can save you money not only on sewer and water costs but on costly repairs from possible water damage as well. Most modern buildings in Lafayette have three water supply loops. One for cold water, one for hot and one which recirculates chilled water that services the air conditioning system. If any of your plumbing systems do fail, you want to get in touch with SERVPRO, a professional water damage remediation company, right away to minimize damages, costs, and any downtime it might cause.
Causes of Plumbing Problems
The most likely cause of clogs in the pipes of your restaurant is grease. Constant washing of greasy dishes, along with food scraps entering drain lines during prep, are the usual sources for the buildup of oil and fat at most eating establishments. If you have a water wash ventilator over your cooking equipment, you will be sending, even more, grease down the drain every time you run the self-wash cycle.
When you do have an issue with your plumbing failing and creating commercial water damage, contact the professionals at SERVPRO without hesitation. Doing so will avoid more damage from occurring and possibly prevent you from having to shut down your restaurant temporarily.
Some preventative maintenance can keep you from getting grease clogs. Getting drains cleared routinely every month, or every other month will accomplish this. You can also have maintenance workers use a bio-cleaner, which is an enzyme that will eat away at any clogs. Chemical cleaners will not do the job, so a bio-cleaner and high-pressure water are the only things which you can use to keep things flowing well.
Corrosion is another issue that can cause pipes to clog, or fail altogether. Pipes corrode for various reasons, but pipe failure is most often seen when two metals meet or if corrosive chemicals such as chlorine or salt are in frequent contact with the plumbing. Make sure to check pressure periodically and that it is adequate, and there are no weak spots or leaks in the piping.
SERVPRO of Lafayette is always available for any water damage emergency you may have. When you call us at (765) 420-0077, someone will be scheduled to come out to your restaurant soon to survey the damage and mitigate it for you as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

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