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My Child’s Bedroom Has Water Damage – What Can Be Done?

9/3/2020 (Permalink)

Water spewing from pipe Water damage can happen at any time and can be extensive. SERVPRO knows how to quickly dry your home.

SERVPRO Has Qualified Technicians to Mitigate the Damage that Water Can Leave in Lafayette Homes

Every day in Lafayette, homes are impacted by water damage. It can be from a busted pipe, a washer overflowing, or a water heater rupture. In this case, a bathtub overflowed into the child’s bedroom. Professional help is needed to restore the property and prevent secondary damage.

Can the Carpet Be Rescued?

Kids are a wonderful thing. They make life exciting and fun, but they can also be forgetful. In this situation, a young man forgot to watch his bathwater. The tub’s drain was not working correctly, and before he knew it, water was pouring into his bedroom. The carpet was soaked, toys sopping wet, and some of his books got damaged. For SERVPRO technicians, water mitigation in Lafayette often involves wet carpet and can often be restored. 

Surface water tends to pool on things like carpeting. Extracting as much water as possible, as quickly as possible, is vital. If left for very long, the damage can become worse, and mold can develop. SERVPRO has various methods of water extraction. Each circumstance gets looked at individually, and the best process is determined. Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified techs can use:

  • Truck-mounted extractors
  • Portable pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Wet vacs
  • Carpet wands
  • Light wands
  • Weighted extractors

If the water intrusion causes delamination, the carpet may not be able to be salvaged. The rug in this boy’s bedroom got soaked with clean water, and SERVPRO was called immediately. The technicians were able to clean and dry the carpet. 

Are the Toys in the Room OK?

In one corner of the room, toys were sitting. Stuffed animals in a pile absorbed water. Since the water was clean, contamination that comes with gray or black water was not a problem. If they had sat for any length of time, they could have gotten mold on them. Disposing of them may have been the only option in that case. But these were able to be properly washed, dried, and returned to their owner. Toy cars, plastic superhero figures, and Legos were either sprayed clean, wiped down, or immersion cleaned. 

Can His Books Be Salvaged?

Kids love their books, and they have their favorites. Often books were gifted by grandparents or other special people in their lives. Replacing water damaged books that are inexpensive is often the best bet. But for those expensive or treasured ones, they can often be restored. If the books get rescued within 24 hours, they can be frozen for later restoration or dried immediately. SERVPRO can restore books, documents, and photographs to a usable condition, usually. The objective is to avoid further damage to the items. There are five methods for document and book drying:

  • Air drying
  • Dehumidification
  • Freeze-drying
  • Vacuum freeze-drying
  • Vacuum thermal drying

Although books can be dried and restored, they never look like they initially did. Water spots and other discoloration can be present.

How Do I Know All the Moisture is Gone?

The bathroom and the bedroom required water mitigation in Lafayette. Hidden moisture can be a problem if not taken care of immediately. Water can seep under floors, behind walls, and into ceilings. Not only can it cause the materials to break down and weaken, but it can cause mold. Mold remediation is not what you want to deal with if you don’t have to. Our professional teams use moisture meters, sensors, and probes to detect moisture. We seek out any water and make sure the area is completely dry. 

In the bathroom, the water traveled underneath the cabinet. The technicians removed the base molding to access the toe-kick area. They then drilled holes along the bottom of the cabinet in this area to allow for airflow. A vent system was used to force air into the cabinet, ensuring a thorough drying. We have advanced Injecti-Dry equipment just for this purpose. Other drying equipment used in both the bedroom and the bathroom were air movers and industrial dehumidifiers. 

Professional Water Mitigation You Can Trust

Even a small, contained water intrusion such as this can lead to more significant problems if left untreated. If the homeowners decided to clean up the water themselves, there might have been pockets of moisture unseen. The cabinet could have deteriorated at the base from absorbed water. Mold may have developed if the carpet wasn’t completely dried. They probably would have thought his favorite book from grandma was a loss and tossed it. 

By calling in the professionals, it is possible to save more than you think. When water damage strikes, you can trust our experienced team to restore your home to preloss condition. Our goal is always to leave the property, “Like it never even happened.” Contact SERVPRO of Lafayette at (765) 420-0077 for quality water mitigation service.

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